What Does A Travel Agent Do

I get this question often. Why do I need a Travel Agent? Can’t I just book my trip myself online? The easy answer is yes you can book your own trip. That is the only EASY part about it. A Travel Agent is not just the person who collects your payment and books your vacation. Your Travel Agent is a priceless partner that will be your go to throughout your entire vacation process. Let’s compare between booking direct on your own and booking with a qualified Travel Agent. 

A Travel Agent is not a booking engine. We do not work for any resort, destination or supplier. We work for YOU. Our sole job is to provide you with a vacation experience you will never forget. You should always find a Travel Agent that you connect with. A professional that you are comfortable with and understands the needs of you & your family. We take pride in the fact that we leave no detail out. Your Travel Agent will (should) have an initial consultation with you to gain knowledge of your family and what you are looking for in your vacation. They will create an itinerary geared towards what was discussed in your consultation. You will work with your Travel Agent directly rather than making various phone calls to tour companies, transfer specialist, resorts, airlines, etc. A Travel Agent’s job is to do all of that for you. One of the biggest jobs of your Travel Agent is to be your advocate should any problems arise before, during or after your vacation.

Booking Direct On Your Own

With the increase of so many online booking engines, booking your own trip is right at your fingertips. If you LOVE research and spending hours making phone calls to arrange tours, airport transfers and putting in your special requests at your resort, then by all means go ahead and book on your own. If none of this appeals to you or you just don’t have the time or knowledge to make sure you have all the details taken care of, then booking direct on your own is NOT FOR YOU.

Let’s say you booked your trip with Expedia. Maybe you got a great deal (maybe it is even a better price than what a Travel Agent quoted you). Did your itinerary from Expedia explain the different airport transfers that you could arrange? Did you have someone explain everything in detail to you so that you fully understood all the portions of your trip? Maybe you made a mistake and need to make a change or have a question about where the best place is to swim with dolphins. What if you wanted to know the best beach in the area? If you booked on your own you are either left up to spending hours on google or trip advisor reading tons of reviews or information. Maybe you decide to call Expedia. You get someone in a call center, located wherever, who has NEVER been to the destination you are about to travel to. They may have never even traveled before. They will be able to give you generic information but outside of that you are left on your own to figure out.

I don’t know about you but I am already stressed out thinking about the hours spent planning a vacation on my own.

Booking With A Travel Agent

What does booking with a Travel Agent get you? A 1 on 1 consultation to go over your family’s vacation needs and works with you to find the destination/itinerary that checks off all the things on your MUST DO list. From the initial consultation through to you returning back from your vacation, you will be in contact with 1 person, your Travel Agent. They will know your family and the details of your trip to help you with any concern or question you may have. If you booked direct on your own, typically every time you call, you will have a different person on the other end of the phone who does not know you nor will they know all the details that your Travel Agent has already gathered. A Travel Agent will assist with gathering all valid travel documents, arrange seat assignments on your flight, make any changes, special requests, arrange for celebrations during your trip and so much more. Not sure if you should purchase Travel Protection, your Travel Agent will guide you through WHY YOU SHOULD.

Emergency Support

I bet you have heard of someone who had an emergency while on vacation? What about a friend who had to re-arrange flights due to a hurricane during their trip? This is where your Travel Agent becomes a lifeline to you. A great Travel Agent will be there to take care of these things for you. Whether it be contacting the airline for you to arrange new flights or get in touch with your Travel Insurance company to get you details on the steps to take for your emergency.

A Travel Agent, like myself, offers all of these services and so much more, at NO extra cost to you. So tell me why would you book on your own when you can pay the same price and have a personal Travel Agent on your side.

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