Should you take your toddler to Universal?

I admit that I was worried there wouldn’t be enough for our 3 year old to do at Universal. So we always had put it off (even though our older kids were begging to go), however I am so happy we decided to give it a try. It was one of our favorite family trips, so today I am sharing my top tips to take a toddler to Universal. 

Tip 1:

I highly recommend that you stay at one of the Universal Premier Hotels. Universal offers 3 on-site Premier Hotels.

  • Loews Hard Rock Hotel
  • Loews Royal Pacific Resort
  • Loews Portoino Bay Resort (this is where we stayed & it was luxurious)

All 3 of these resorts offer Universal Unlimited Express Pass for the entire length of your stay. This means you will lessen wait times at the attractions dramatically. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer not to have to listen to my toddler whine, while the rest of us are already frustrated having to wait in long lines. 

Tip 2:

Did you know that Universal offers a way for the entire family to stay together while experiencing the attractions. On the rides your toddler is too small to ride, you can all walk through the ride line together. Before getting on the ride, one adult and your toddler (or anyone else in your party who doesn’t want to go on the ride) can wait in the Child Swap/Family Room. 

Once the other adult & older children are done with their ride, the waiting adult can then swap out with the first adult and ride with the same children. This means your older kids can enjoy the experience twice, back to back. 

All Child Swap rooms are:

  • Air conditioned
  • Offer plenty of seating
  • Has a television usually showing the movie that is related to the attraction.
  • Some even offer baby changing tables.

Our 3 year old loved that she didn’t have to wait while her brother & sister got to go through the line. She truly felt like she too experienced the ride, even though she didn’t.

Tip 3:

Check height requirements in advance. This goes for all your children. I have smaller sized children, so we make sure that we check the height requirements to prevent any meltdowns at the entrance to an attraction. 

You can check height requirements the following ways:

  • On the Official Universal Orlando Resorts App 
  • At the entrance to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure 

Sadly this is how my 12 year old found out he was not big enough to ride the Hulk coaster, however it is something he gets to look foward to when we return. 

Tip 4:

Hit the areas that your toddler is able to ride the most attractions. Not only will this get them all excited first thing when you hit the parks, but you can easily tire them out so that when you are at the attractions they aren’t tall enough for, they most likely will be content just walking through the line with you & enjoying some time watching TV in the Child Swap Room.

With the right planning & using these tips for taking a toddler to Universal, your family will have a great Universal vacation. 

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