Stressed Out About Planning Your Disney Vacation?

Does the thought of planning your very first Disney family vacation STRESS you out? Have you googled so much your eyes hurt? Not sure where to even begin? 

Been there…done that. It was very stressful. As a control freak, I second guessed EVERYTHING I had planned. I changed things around so many times I had no idea what our plans included. 

There was no help from a travel agent, because in all honesty I didn’t know they existed. 

I remember heading to the airport that morning and I had all the “Did I forget something” “What if the kids had meltdowns on the plane” (This was their very first time flying). Even with all these worries going on in my head, I was under the impression that our trip would go smoothly and we would be able to do everything we had planned to do.

The Truth Is

Hahaha…silly me. I was taking 2 young children to Disney. Oh what I wish I knew then, that I know that. 

We had bumps, hiccups, meltdowns (even a major one from me) & a moment where I had to realize that this trip was NOT gonna be as “perfect” as I had planned out in my head. I cried, the kids cried, I think there were a few f-bombs dropped. 

These were the  moments that I realized that our Disney trip was not supposed to be about that perfect plan I had. It wasn’t about “seeing it all” (Which still doesn’t happen even after over a dozen trips to Disney) 

It was about the time we were spending together. My children with those magical smiles on their faces. The moment I saw Cinderella Castle for the first time…tears of joy filled my eyes. We made so many priceless memories that trip, that I rarely think about all the “unmagical” moments that happened in between all the MAGICAL ones. 

I think back to this trip often, because it was when our family found a common passion that each & every year we get to enjoy together. This is what Disney means to us.

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