Mexico Immigration Form Tips

Learn how to fill out your Mexico Immigration Form and Custom Form from my first hand experience. Tips on making this a smooth and seamless process. 

As a Travel Agent I always make sure to do my research for myself (as well as my clients) when traveling into unfamiliar places. Our recent family vacation to Riviera Mya, Mexico was a first us to fly internationally. This meant making sure we all had valid passports and being prepared to go through Immigration upon entering Mexico, gathering our luggage and then going through Customs. Upon departing Mexico to return back to the United States, there is also a process of checking passports and your departure Immigration Form before going through TSA screening. Then yet another Customs Form to fill out before legally entering the United States.

The travel process already gives me anxiety, adding all this to it just doubles that for me. So no matter how much research I did, traveling with 3 children, anxiety and being in the unknown territory, we may have come across a few “almost couldn’t leave Mexico” mishaps. This blog post is to make sure YOU DO NOT make the same mistakes we almost made.

Where Do I Get Immigration and Custom Forms

Most International Flights will have these forms available to you while you are onboard the aircraft. During our flight with JetBlue, half way through our flight, the flight attendant handed out the Mexico Immigration Form and the Custom Form. Each person must fill out an Immigration Form. If you are traveling with your spouse or family, only one Customs Form needs to be filled out for everyone. On our trip there was 5 of us, so we had to fill out 5 Immigration Forms and 1 Customs Form. You will need the following information handy when filling out the form.

  • BRING A PEN WITH YOU! I made this mistake of not having a pen with me while we were traveling. Thankfully another passenger near us let me borrow their pen.
  • Have everyone’s passports handy, as you will need their passport numbers to put on their Immigration Forms.
  • The airline you are flying and flight number.
  • Name of the resort or place you are staying and address.


Immigration Form

Remember, each person must have an Immigration Form filled out. The Mexico Immigration form has multiple parts to it. There are sections that you do not need to fill out as they are for Official Use Only. The form is in English and Spanish, so make sure you read carefully and fill out slowly so you do not make any mistakes. While being flustered with a very active toddler between us on the plane, we made the mistake and totally missed filling out the bottom section of the form. I realized that we missed this section, when we were in line at Cancun Airport getting ready to go through the Immigration process and there was a sign with a picture of the form showing what needed to be filled out. My husband found a table with pens and quickly filled them out while we were waiting in the line.

The Dos

The top portion of the form as you see in the pictures below is your Mexico Immigration Form. This is taken as you enter Mexico during the Immigration process. The bottom half will be taken off, stamped and then given back to you with your passports. MAKE SURE TO KEEP THIS portion. This is your Departure Form. You will need to show this when returning back to the airport to leave Mexico. It is then taken at the gate right before boarding the plane. Without this portion of your Mexico Immigration Form, you will not be able to leave Mexico.

The Dont’s

Here is where our “almost oops” comes in. No one told us we needed to keep this part. After having our passports checked and the top portion taken, they gave us this portion back and I just put them in my travel pouch along with our passports. As we were packing to leave our resort, my husband was going through the paperwork in the pouch getting ready to toss out our old boarding passes and these Immigration Forms. I said, no worries I will take care of the travel pouch. Not sure what made me KEEP the forms and not toss them. I am so glad we did, as we were totally unaware that these are a MUST when exiting Mexico. DO NOT LOSE THEM.

Customs Declaration Forms

You will fill out 1 of these per household for entry into Mexico, as well another when you are entering back into the US or the country of your origin. A Customs Declaration Form is the form that you use to declare anything that you are bringing into one country from the country you were previously in. If you purchased anything on your vacation, it must be written and declared on this form.

This form will not need to be shown during entry into Mexico during the Immigration process. Customs happens after you have gathered your luggage and before exiting the airport to your transportation. Same when entering back into the US or your country of origin, you will need to provide your passports and your Customs Declaration Form before officially exiting the airport.

No Need To Stress

I hope that you jotted down these simple reminders and steps to make your International travel experience a breeze. Remember, pack a pen, take it slow filing out your forms and KEEP THE BOTTOM PART. The rest is a piece of cake.

Form photo credit goes to Memory Point and check out more in detail about their experience with Mexico Immigration Form.

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