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We’re not just a place to work.

Being part of the Time Together Vacations DREAM TEAM of Family Travel Specialists, means you are a valuable asset to a rapidly growing Family Vacation Planning Agency. Every agent on our team offers a unique perspective and specialities that they proudly share to help support one another. We provide agency specific training, new agent group virtual training classes, agent only discussion group, ability to attend on-site educational programs and competitive commissions.

Family Travel Specialists to all Disney Destinations

Have you traveled to one (or more) of the Disney Destinations in the past 3 years? Are you the “Disney guru” among your family & friends? Do you find yourself planning your next Disney vacation on your free time? Does ‘pixie dust’ flow in your veins? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be a great fit for our Dream Team of Family Travel Specialists who work with families looking to travel to one of the magical Disney Destinations.

Family Cruise Specialists

Is seeing the world via the sea, your go to family vacation? Do you have experience on various cruise lines that cater to familes? Is travel in your blood? If so, we would love to talk with you. We are looking for agents to fill a much needed niche in our agency. Family cruising! 

Universal Family Travel Specialists

Harry Potter, Spiderman, Butterbeer, Hallowen Horror Nights….if these are part of your daily vacation memory discusions with friends & family, then why not make money helping others experienced the thrills & family fun at Universal Orlando Resort & Universal Hollywood. Will you be our very first Universal Family Travel Specialist? 

Family All Inclusive Travel Specialist

With passport in hand, do you spend more of your vacation time on a Caribbean beach than you do on US soil? Is being pampered more your style? We are looking to add to our team of agents, someone with ample experience traveling to Mexico, Jamaica, Punta Cana, etc & staying at luxury family All Inclusive resorts. Is this you? 

Are You What We Are looking for?

Time Together Vacations has high expectations of our Family Travel Specialists. We are looking for individuals who possess the following:

  • Self motivated
  • Creates and achieves goals
  • Ability to multitask
  • Meet important deadlines with ease
  • Tech Savvy (especially with Social Media platforms)
  • Organized (mentally & physically)
  • Experience with sales
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Is a team player
  • Loves to talk to people
  • Travel Experience
  • Has a passion for learning & researching

Here at Time Together Vacations we expect that our Family Travel Specialists take their business serious and not just a hobby. This does not mean you can’t work it part time, it just means we are looking for individuals who are looking for continued growth in their business. You will be expected to have the time & finances to travel at least once per year for “business travel”,whether that be an on-site training event that you are invited to attend, agency yearly on-site training or creating your own “business” training trip to keep yourself up to date with travel & destination experiences.

Keeping it Real

Is being a Family Travel Specialist fun? Why yes..it is a very rewarding business, however it can be a long time before you see payment on your services, as we do not receive payment from suppliers until AFTER a client ravels. What does this mean? It means you are spending many hours a day working with clients, marketing yourself, building your business and spending money up front before you see any commission. You could also spend countless hours working with a potential client, who in turns decides not to book with you. Your time on this client is not compensated. Why do we share this with you now? We want to make sure you do not have unrealistic expectations of being a travel agent.

We do not travel on the cheap for our own personal trips, no matter what you may have read. Are there discounts available to travel agents? YES..however you must meet a minimum sales requirement before you can take advantage of these. If you are looking to be a Family Travel Specialist so that you can make money on your own personal travel or get discounted travel, then please do not apply.

If spreading ‘pixie dust’ makes you happy, then you may be the right fit for Time Together Vacations.


If you believe you would be a great fit to our Dream Team at Time Together Vacations, fill out the following application and the owner will be in touch with you soon. If we believe that you are qualified through your initial application, you will be asked to complete a phone interview prior to the agency making a final decision.

Travel Agent Application

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