Carnival Cruise Line Discount Secret

The one thing that Carnival Cruise Line offers that no other cruise line does, is the ability to score a discount through their VIFP Club even if you have never cruised with them before.

How do I get a VIFP Discount?

 If you are a big fa of FUN, then joining Carnival’s VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) Club is a no brainer. Most cruise lines require you to have already sailed with them to get offered any special pricing on a cruise. Carnival Cruise Line does not. All you have to do is sign up and join their VIFP Club (for FREE) and you can score a special discount off your very first family cruise with them.

Even if you’ve never cruised with Carnival before, join the club today — the benefits begin today.

Start with things like members-only promotions. Then when you sail, you’ll start picking up benefits like collectible Carnival items, invites to members-only cocktail receptions, priority boarding and more.

That’s called living the VIFP life.

Don't Stop There

Once you have joined the VIFP Club and have your VIFP number, make sure to contact us to help you plan your family’s Carnival Cruise today. Your VIFP number will get you the lowest possible pricing available.

Oh and check out Carnival Cruise Line’s Family Harbor sections available on select ships.