5 Reasons to Sail Star Wars at Sea 

Disney Cruise Line makes taking a family cruise a more memorable experience by adding specialty cruises throughout the year. One of which is their Star Wars Day at Sea sailings. Whether you have taken a Disney Cruise before or not, if you or someone in the family is a Star Wars fan, then what are you waiting for? 

Your & your family can experience galaxies far, far away as Disney Cruise Line takes you all into the world of Star Wars with Star Wars Day at Sea. From January to March 2020,  enjoy out-of-this-galaxy experiences on special seven-night Caribbean cruises aboard the Disney Fantasy. This one-day event is perfect for those who want to combine the magic of a Disney cruise with the thrilling adventures of Star Wars.

Star Wars Day at Sea 

It doesn’t matter if you are Padawans or Jedis when it comes to your  knowledge of the saga, there are fun activities for everyone! Here are the top five legendary experiences you can have while sailing on the high seas.

1. Feel the Force with out-of-this-galaxy entertainment.

Watch as some of the saga’s most iconic moments come to life during this exclusive, nighttime deck show. See some of Star Wars most popular characters, including Rey! You can immerse yourselves even more and let the Force flow through you during our fireworks at sea spectacular set to John Williams’ Star Wars score.

2. Help Chewbacca in a fun-filled scavenger hunt.

There are porgs onboard! You can help your  favorite Wookiee find the porgs that are wreaking havoc throughout the ship. At the end,  meet Chewbacca as he congratulates you on a job well done!

3. Experience epic encounters.

Whether your you are a part of the light side or have dabbled into the dark side, you are sure to see some familiar and exciting faces. You can even meet Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Darth Vader during scheduled photo sessions. And, you might just see some First Order Stormtroopers or Jawas wandering around the ship.

4. Brush up on Star Wars knowledge.

During the sailing, all films in the Star Wars saga will air on the big screen so your Clients can jog their memory. You can also stop by Star Wars 101, an interactive session designed to give  the lowdown on all things Star Wars. Once you are a Star Wars expert, you can gather the family and join a game of Star Wars trivia!

5. Let the little ones have their own fun.

Inside Disney’s Oceaneer Club, little rebels can join the Resistance when members of the resistance and BB-8 come by looking for recruits. In the Star Wars: Command Post, kids can even defend against the First Order during a fun puzzle-solving adventure game.